How to Deliver an Unforgettable Customer Experience for Rent Seekers (and Their Pets!)

Many multifamily owners might have some of the latest and greatest features and amenities, but how does the customer experience stack up? It’s no secret that consumers are used to more convenience than ever — we can order all sorts of products and services directly to our door, and customers are now used to purchasing items with one click. Why not improve the multifamily customer experience in some form?

Many agents and owners are turning to self-guided tour technology to help with the customer experience. However, prospects might want a little more in terms of customer experience. Here are some ways in which VoiceTour can improve the multifamily apartment customer experience.

A More Modern Experience

A self-guided tour can be an incredible marketing tool for many owners and agents, but what happens if the prospect has several questions that need answering? They might be fine with emailing and calling up agents to get answers, but VoiceTour can make the entire process a lot more seamless.

A voice assistant can offer more information about the multifamily property, and this kind of modern addition to self-guided tour technology can prove quite impressive to potential residents. It also helps them save time, which can potentially help owners and agents close on a deal sooner.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

There is certainly nothing wrong with standardized self-guided tours, but the entire experience may feel a bit “stale” when it comes to dealing with specific questions or concerns. It also might take a significant amount of time and effort to set up a self-guided tour, and there is a chance that it can be pushed back, delayed, or even cancelled.

Why wouldn’t a prospect want their question answered in real-time? VoiceTour can improve the customer experience for multifamily tours significantly. Of course, improving the customer experience might also be about little touches, such as offering water or coffee to your prospects, or leaving a dog treat for prospects that are bringing their family pet. Why not take it a bit further and personalize the VoiceTour responses specifically to the prospect, e.g. “Welcome Liz, please have a look around! We’ve set out some treats for your puppy Rex!”

A voice assistant like VoiceTour can certainly improve your self-guided tour. You can take the steps to create personalized responses based on the unit and the prospect. However, both agents and owners should take the extra step of offering satisfaction surveys to ensure that the process can eventually be optimized for prospects of all kinds.


Let’s be honest about the market: there are so many brands and companies out there that are claiming that they offer a unique “customer experience”, and it certainly is true for some cases. Starbucks is a coffee company that offered a unique customer experience and eventually grew to be one of the world’s largest coffeehouse chains. Is your multifamily self-guided tour technology offering the best possible customer experience? What is potentially missing?

VoiceTour can help your self-guided tours become more efficient and informative. It can also offer the kind of personalized and customized touch that differentiates one self-guided tour from many others that the prospect may have taken. If you are interested in providing a better customer experience to your prospects, consider the power of a voice-guided tour.

“The BEST decision I ever made. Our prospects stay in the models longer, love communicating with Alexa and we get the leases. This new way of leasing is the way it will continue at our community. I think the prospects feel more comfortable being on their own so they open drawers, look behind the shower curtain, and even relax on the furniture while calling a friend to tell them about our community. Plus, they stay in the unit longer. WE do self-guided tours with Alexa every 30 minutes and most prospects stay at least 20 minutes.”
– Vicki Hurley, Bridge 17 Apartments
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