The Difference Between Self-Guided Tours & Voice-Guided Tours

Here is a quick breakdown of self-guided tours vs. voice-guided tours.

Many renters are interested in leasing a new apartment, but they might be unsure how to go about doing so in the wake of a global pandemic. They might desire an actual tour but are hesitant about safety protocol. Some multifamily owners and managers are turning to self-guided tours or self-touring technology as a way for potential residents to browse a community and see the details up close.

‍Some prospects might appreciate that a self-guided tour can be a private way to examine a property, but there are some downsides to this approach. Who is there to answer questions or speak about any potential concerns regarding the apartment unit? How quickly can a tour be set up, and will it take a long time?

There’s nothing wrong with self-guided tours, but VoiceTour allows the opportunity to create a voice-guided touring experience. There are some clear advantages to voice-guided tours for apartment managers. Here is a quick breakdown of self-guided tours vs. voice-guided tours.

Offer Additional Information

It doesn’t matter whether they are leasing an apartment or renting a home: people have lots of questions. One of the real issues with traditional self-guided tours is that they don’t allow potential renters to ask the questions they might have, helping narrow their search down. Some prospects might want to know more about pet policies, security deposits, or amenities.

A voice assistant can conveniently answer these questions for them in real-time. VoiceTour makes it so that questions can be answered, which isn’t the case with a typical self-guided tour. This alone represents a massive advantage for multifamily leasing agents, owners, and managers.

Customize the Tour

One of the reasons why a voice-guided tour is such a game-changer is because VoiceTour can make it so that you customize the information offered. If you are sure that a prospect is interested in specific amenities, you can highlight those features as early and often as you like.

Similarly, you can also customize responses to make sure that prospects have the most enjoyable experience possible. Self-guided tours can certainly be interesting, but there is no real emphasis on personalization or customization. A voice assistant can help make a self-guided tour more focused and exciting.

Saving Time

Many multifamily agents and owners recognize that it can take a significant amount of time to lease an apartment. One of the reasons that VoiceTour is such a great addition to self-touring is that it can significantly cut down on time. While potential residents would usually send tons of questions to leasing staff, VoiceTour can answer those questions in a much simpler and more transparent way. Self-guided tours could lead to more revenue, but it can also lead to more time for productivity elsewhere.

A self-guided tour doesn’t necessarily save the same amount of time because it can still lead to unexpected office visits from prospects and additional questions through email or phone calls.


Of course, VoiceTour is meant as a way to compliment self-guided tours. VoiceTour works best with apartment communities that are comfortable with self-guided tours, and it is meant to elevate the concept of self-touring rather than replace it in any way. A voice assistant can help support self-guided tours by fielding questions about the listing.

A voice assistant also sends an unambiguous message that you remain on top of technological trends while also keeping safety in mind. A voice assistant might be what you need to differentiate your touring offerings from that of the competition, as well.

“The BEST decision I ever made. Our prospects stay in the models longer, love communicating with Alexa and we get the leases. This new way of leasing is the way it will continue at our community. I think the prospects feel more comfortable being on their own so they open drawers, look behind the shower curtain, and even relax on the furniture while calling a friend to tell them about our community. Plus, they stay in the unit longer. WE do self-guided tours with Alexa every 30 minutes and most prospects stay at least 20 minutes.”
– Vicki Hurley, Bridge 17 Apartments
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