The Fall Leasing Season is Here: Are You Ready?

The fall leasing season is looking to be the hottest on record! Millions of renters who postponed their moving plans earlier this year will now be moving this fall.

There’s no secret that seasonality can affect rent prices, but the pandemic has also dramatically changed the concept of a “moving season.” Rent seekers are always searching for apartments in the spring, but the fall will see many renters deciding to break leases and find a new apartment. Many landlords understand this sentiment, considering that an apartment might feel more claustrophobic than usual.

After all, during the pandemic, homes, and apartments have felt less “like a home” with more professionals working at home, kids getting homeschooled, and virtual happy hours. Summer is usually the most popular moving season, but many renters have put their plans on hold due to COVID-19.

The fall season means that there will be more renters than ever interested in finding new apartments in cities all over the country. states:

“The fall leasing season is looking to be the hottest on record! Millions of renters who postponed their moving plans earlier this year will now be moving this fall.”

More Interest Now

It makes sense that there is more interest in fall leasing than ever before. First and foremost, some professionals and families may have already moved before the pandemic. COVID-19 may have delayed their plans indefinitely, and they might finally be ready to move to a new city safely.

Of course, some families might simply want a change of pace or recognize that they might need more space given the fact that they are using their home or multifamily property for different purposes. Leasing agents should expect a tremendous amount of interests from apartment renters. That is where VoiceTour, a self-touring technology solution can help ensure that you capitalize on this interest, which says exceeds pre-COVID-19 levels.

“In July, over 40% of renters surveyed said they delayed plans to move due to the pandemic, and more than half of them now expect to move in the next 6 months. The leasing season is not over — millions of renters who delayed their moves will be looking for the rest of 2020.”

Lighten Your Workload

The fall season indeed represents a massive opportunity for multifamily owners and leasing agents, but it also means a significant workload. One of the actual benefits of VoiceTour is that it can help compliment self-guided tours to the point where it legitimately lightens the work, and your staff won’t have to be overextended. VoiceTour also allows for more opportunities to get captured efficiently.

Many renters might have questions during a traditional self-guided tour, and they may go back and forth for days with the leasing office. This process can take days or even weeks. VoiceTour can present information in real-time and efficiently to ensure that renters understand all of the features and amenities.

Get An Edge Over The Competition

Many multifamily communities turn to self-guided tours in an era where individuals need to distance themselves socially. VoiceTour can offer an edge over the market and provide a unique and memorable experience for prospective residents. The fact that VoiceTour via Alexa can answer questions about a specific unit is a massive advantage. It can make your self-guided apartment tour feel more modern and useful.

A voice assistant can help to enhance self-guided tour technology, and VoiceTour can also be customized to specific prospects. VoiceTour can also help close leases much quicker, which means that it can be a useful tool over the local competition.

“The BEST decision I ever made. Our prospects stay in the models longer, love communicating with Alexa and we get the leases. This new way of leasing is the way it will continue at our community. I think the prospects feel more comfortable being on their own so they open drawers, look behind the shower curtain, and even relax on the furniture while calling a friend to tell them about our community. Plus, they stay in the unit longer. WE do self-guided tours with Alexa every 30 minutes and most prospects stay at least 20 minutes.”
– Vicki Hurley, Bridge 17 Apartments
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