The Top Benefits of Self-Guided Tour Technology with VoiceTour

Many multifamily owners and operators are trying to figure out how to make apartments appear as attractive as possible to potential residents. In the wake of the pandemic, some of them turn to self-guided tour technology as a safe way for prospects to explore the apartment on their own. There’s nothing wrong with self-touring, but a voice assistant can help to elevate the experience significantly.

VoiceTour allows rent-seekers to safely tour without an agent having to be present. The voice assistant also presents other benefits to self-guided tours. Here are some of VoiceTour’s top benefits that can enhance the self-touring experience.

Saves Time

There’s a famous saying that “time is money,” and it’s true. If employees of an organization spend a significant amount of time on a problem, it also ends up costing money for that business. A voice assistant can help offer information to visitors that can save agents a significant amount of time.

Renters may have many questions regarding the apartment or home. Instead of emails and phone calls, VoiceTour can help answer questions and provide community info in real-time via Alexa. This saves a tremendous amount of time for everyone involved.

Close Leases Faster

Renters want to have as much information as possible before they make a decision. One of the obvious benefits of VoiceTour is that it can help bring more context and information to self-guided tours. Specific questions can be answered, which means that the prospect has a lot more information at their disposal. A normal self-guided apartment tour could even potentially lead to more questions than before. This isn’t the case with VoiceTour.

Often, this will lead to a lease closing faster. The prospect doesn’t have as many questions for the agent at this point, and they can make up their mind quicker regarding the apartments they toured. It’s easy to see how VoiceTour can help close multifamily leases in a shorter period of time since the voice assistant can address most concerns.

Look Innovative

A voice assistant can help you stand out from other local apartments, and it might be the kind of advantage that will lead to more leases. Self-guided tours can be useful, but it could also be quite frustrating for leasing teams if prospects still have a ton of questions after touring. VoiceTour is much more convenient, and answers can even be tailored to specific units.

VoiceTour is proof that self-guided tours with a voice assistant can be the perfect solution for clarifying anything that needs to be addressed. The fact that questions can be answered without a leasing agent present is not only convenient but increasingly relevant as more prospects are concerned about the safety and convenience of the self-guided apartment tour.


As mentioned above, one of the real advantages of VoiceTour is that the answers can be customized and published instantly. VoiceTour allows for a voice-guided tour via Alexa where answers can be personalized for specific prospects and units. This kind of personalization can be incredibly effective when it comes to showing multifamily properties.

“The BEST decision I ever made. Our prospects stay in the models longer, love communicating with Alexa and we get the leases. This new way of leasing is the way it will continue at our community. I think the prospects feel more comfortable being on their own so they open drawers, look behind the shower curtain, and even relax on the furniture while calling a friend to tell them about our community. Plus, they stay in the unit longer. WE do self-guided tours with Alexa every 30 minutes and most prospects stay at least 20 minutes.”
– Vicki Hurley, Bridge 17 Apartments
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